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Wolf Talk and Wolf Speak

Okie dokie, can you tell im a bit addicted to Wolf Home?
im not supposed to be taking commissions for poses, the ones i have done and are here have been birthday presents, thank you gifts and trades for favors. but take a peek if you dare =)

Trickster helped Tav get his account by transferring money. this is her pose. she wanted a craftsman-esque pose so it is.

This is a thank you gift for Rogue1717 for getting me started on Wolf Home. this is the unsized version of it...

These are some for Tav...well..just cuz hes so cute and i wanted to have him look different from me *at the moment were both white wolves. it gets confusing* These are the unsized versions with the watermark *some white wolves out there may see these and stealy stealy for their own uses...NO!! NO I TELL YOU!*

so yeah. fun stuff. now to get back to work =P
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