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Commission - Sketchbook - Sketches from Jury Duty

So I have two sketchbook commissions, one is themed, one is not really all that themed. The one where I can go crazy and do whichever is the one I took with me to Jury Duty last week and it belongs to danielcoon. Here are some sketches I did while waiting to (not) be picked.

Another take on the California State Seal featuring poppies and a quail because I seriously think the original is lacking. I love my state so much...
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"Waschbaer" is the German word for "raccoon" and I was told it is because they vaguely look like little bears and they were once thought to wash whatever they were eating in water first (due to the thought they didn't have saliva or something like that). Germans have funny names for animals..."washing bear" (raccoon), "stink animal" (skunk), "beak animal" (platypus)...
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I don't even know what spawned this. Maybe I secretly want to be the dimwitted mount of an apple hunting raccoon. (DON'T EVEN SAY IT I know that was kind of dirty..shut up judge!)
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