An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Disqualified Dogs Portfolios, get em while theyre hot hot HOT!

What is this pimp day or what? Anyways you guys, guess what, I have pinups to sell. :D Smexy pinuppy doggy goodness via the Disqualified Dogs Digital Portfolio!
For samples please visit the official website located
-----> HERE <----

This is also the portfolio that holds these two images by me:
"Warming Up" (Pit Bull) - edited so its semi-safe for work
"Brokeback Outback" (Cattle Dog) SFW

Cost per digital portfolio: $25 (plus $2 shipping within the US, $5 shipping internationally)

What do you get in this CD rom chock full of goodness?
- 34 images at full size printable glory by a multitude of very talented and diversely skilled artists
- Wallpapers of each image designed for all different screen sizes

This portfolio contains art from:
-Hosea Kittomer
-Mutley James
-Roz Gibson
-Heather Bruton
-Bloodhound Omega
-Wolf Nymph
-Egypt Urnash
-Cara Mitten
-Miss Monster
-Adam Wan
-Kabuki Homewood

Please email me at if interested!
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