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this really cheered me up. if anyone speaks french, could you translate this for me por favor? *i know thats not french..*

what i find funny about this besides the obvious is that you can buy the t-shirt =D


and Snow is silly too ;) we make up songs =D

NicoleSD: i like lazy
SnoWolf88: Oh requires minimal effort. =P
NicoleSD: minimal is good =)
SnoWolf88: Especially to be lazy. (And the circle of lethargic thought continues...)
NicoleSD: its the CIIIIIRCLE OF lethargic thought!!! *la la* and i cant move at aaaaaaallllllll......
SnoWolf88: Through the naps and rests..... and then some sleep..
SnoWolf88: *Cue scenes of animals smashing their alarm clocks to bits*
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