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[Art - Personal - Work Doodles] The Fusco Brothers revamped

I was reading the funny papers at work the other day and I came across yet another one of those "its run for so long, please someone shoot it and put it out of its misery" strips that makes absolutely NO sense half the time and is about as fascinating as....well lets just say its so boring I can't even think of a suitable analogy for it. "The Fusco Brothers" is a heartwarming slice of lifey strip telling the day to day life adventures of the Fuscos, four brothers with AMAZINGLY DIFFERENT hairstyles and their faithful white bear, dog,dugong, wolverine (WTF?!) Axel. Actually until this very moment I did not realize that Axel is, in fact, a wolverine. I thought he was an anthro polar bear since I first saw the strip.

ANYWAYS! So I was reading the funny papers and I saw this one Fusco Brothers comic with the most ridiculous dialogue. I read it over and over again and couldn't for the life of me understand where the joke was. The boring "characters sitting on a couch" panels weren't helping me work out the situation either. So, I declared loudly with a girlish giggle "OOOO MAKEOVER ;D" and so I set forth to redraw this nonsensical comic in an even more nonsensical way to hopefully crap out something that made more sense than the original (two wrongs don't make a right, I know I know)...

So, I finished it. And I still don't get the joke. But I still like mine better. (copyright info on the pic, cuz, yanno...if the funny's there in the dialogue it would be wrong of me to take credit. Boo.)

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