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late night randomness

funny picture my friend drew...its me and her mate joking about how gryphons should not eat jujubees. sticky=not good for beaks =D

anyhoo...some interesting animal facts:

i DID NOT know this but hyena females are actually more masculine than the males and that they DO in fact have FALSE PENISES?! NO LIE! i saw with my own eyes! i was watching animal planet and was shocked and horrified at this news..but i realized that that explains a lot of the "hyena porno pics" in my wildlife books. those arent males..theyre...females =P icky poo
talk about butch ;)

you know my LJ icon that Kamotz made me where i wrote "Thorn the happy wuff" on it? yeah well..Tav LOVES it and finds ways to alter it depending on the situation: ahem ahem...

Tav:"are you Thorn the happy wuff?"
me: "grr"
Tav:ooo!! "Thorn the cranky wuff!"

me: i need a shower
Tav: Thorn the stinky wuff!!

me: *yawn*
Tav: is it Thorn the tired wuff?

me: ooOOooo jude law!
Tav: Thorn the yiffy wuff >=P

*snicker* jude law bah! i think when it comes to that hes Engel the jealous wuff...but hes also Engel the cuddly wuff =D besides i think i take the cake for when it comes to being jealous

me: any other girls who look at you flirty can die
Tav: Dont be Thorn the bitchy wuff =P

and now for Thorn's quote of the day *im gonna make these daily..or weekly..or whenever i feel like it*:

When life gives you lemons...BLAST THOSE LEMONS TO BITS WITH YOUR LASER CANNONS! ~The Brak Show

i thank you

~Thorn, the goofy as hell wuff
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