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Thank you

Well, firstly let me explain that I have had absolutely /no/ internet for the last week because my mom's apartment complex is going through renovations and due to a serious brainfart on the worker's part they sandblasted our phone/internet line away. We finally got net back up and running but that is why I've been so incommunicado. Didja miss me?

In regards to this whole SCAD nonsense, I wrote my counselor asking for reasons, and instead of him replying I got a reply from the dean of admissions asking me to call her. Its past business hours right now so I'll call them tomorrow and see whats the haps and see what they say. But yanno, in light of all this disappointment even if they were just to say "oh sorry no we just meant NO to THIS particular semester, youre free to come next semester" I'm not even sure if I want to go. This isn't me pulling "i dont wanna go to your nizzasty school anyways, losers", its me reading this as a sign that maybe I should step back and really think, is this the school for me? So, in light of this, since I have my portfolio and letters and everything all ready to go, why not send out apps to other schools while I'm at it, see if I get a few bites, and make a decision from there. If I do end up going to SCAD at least I will have weighed my options.

In regards to the Arizona thing, I am going to be staying at my dad's lakehouse in Havasu City. This is my father's house and he's very gracious and very kind to let me use it, and so I will respect it and keep it clean as per his wishes and not take the offer as a "gimme", but he said I am welcome to have some guests at times as long as I have a job and keep it clean. So, that's whats goin on there. Its a temporary solution until I figure out where to go from here. Key word of course being "temporary".

After I made that last entry, I went to work, pouted, and headed up to Hollywood to my old chum from highschool, murphmongrel's house for some cheering up and yanno, it gave me some time to think things over. I really shouldn't get so bent out of shape cuz I got rejected from a school. Just take it as "there's hundreds of schools out there, does this one /have/ to be it?"

I thank you all for your kind words and asspats. Seriously sometimes you just need a little e-hug and an uplift and for your friends to chime in with the "HOW DAAAAARE THEY" to feel better again, even if its a little childish to feel the need for that, its still justified I think :3 But seriously it meant a lot to see how many comments on the subject I got, I thank you all, I wish I had the time to reply to each and every one of them, but at this point I think I'm just gonna "move forward", not think about it too much, and stay happy.

Big thank yous to: selunca for helping me get in contact with who I needed to get in contact with due to internetlessness, westly_roanoke for reading ALL of my LJ comments to me aloud over the phone for ultimate cheering-upness during my net downtime, silber for his love and support especially since he was the first person I talked to after reading "the letter" and taking the full brunt of my "wtf-ness", rage and sadness (poor you), murphmongrel for giving a wayward pup asspats and a place to crash for a couple of nights ..and of course..all the CostCo pizza I could eat. Love you guys fo realz and for troo

And of course, all of you who commented, big huge e-hugs go out to every one of you for your advice and insight and general support.
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