An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Thank you

I just wanted to say a big big big thank you to tarnac and cannibalmouth for throwing me such an awesome going away party. I'm gonna miss you guys.

Granted it turned into less of a going away party and more of a "hey lets see if this will get Niko drunk" party but /I/ still had fun XD

And big thanks to gore_wuff, Malice, keskitsune, cryptodragon, lishi_kitsune and murphmongrel for making it. I hope my drunken stumbling and sudden decision that "omg I'm a smoker?" amused you. Plus apparently I'm "the cute drunk" not the "asshole drunk". That's always a plus, especially when you're the only one shitfaced. damn.

I have to get that chili recipe for when I have the urge for a thorough colon cleansing. <3

Oh and to anyone listening....if someone offers you a purple drink, its proooobably a cab driver and DONT DRINK IT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD D:
Especially if its served to you in a tumbler rather than a shot glass. And should you /insist/ on drinking it anyway...well...just because you don't feel it doesn't mean you won't later. Make sure you're not near any sharp corners when it suddenly hits you and your knees buckle.

I think I'm good to hold off until FC to ever drink again. Oy vey. But at least I now know how to make apparently the "worlds best martini" for someone who's never had one. :9
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