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boring - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
*sigh* reading a few weeks worth of Faux Pas =) hopefully Randy will finally understand Cindy has a crush on him *snicker*

LOVE that comic =D

as for today, im home sick. felt a bit feverish and easily nauseated today. dunno why. nerves perhaps? the fact that i didnt do my homework? maybe....all i know is i was feeling really sick this weekend anyhow, so its not like its just a *woke up this morning feeling gross* thing.

left tav a message, hopefully hell get it soon. im rather lonely. i hate sick days as much as i love them. i dont have to go to school and i get a lot of alone time..but then again, nothings on tv and i often get TOO MUCH alone time =P

good things are not without their downsides. i think im gonna go draw some stuff. for ME this time. scouts honor this time =P
and no wolfhome poses *groans*

Current Mood: sick sick

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