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Discussion - Altering your own art in Photoshop

So I've been thinking a lot lately on this subject and I figured I'd open it up to discussion. When I'm drawing sometimes I don't like how the contrast of my image is turning out so I'll play around with the curves or contrast in Photoshop. Sometimes I'll even go so far as to alter the colors using the Color Balance tool. But I can't help but feel this is cheating slightly.

Often times I work with Open Canvas and alter things a bit in Photoshop. I've had the problem where if I keep switching programs the colors are off sometimes so I don't get an accurate representation of what its really going to look like. In this case, when I switch stuff over to Photoshop the colors are muted slightly. /slightly/. But it still bothers me. People who have used Open Canvas for years say they haven't noticed this, maybe its just me. But either way, a lot of my icons you see here started off looking slightly more muted or different hues before I decided on something I liked. This icon I'm using now? It was done entirely in Open Canvas but when I took it to Photoshop I boosted a bit of the pink and changed the hue of the blue a bit to make it "pop".

Is this cheating? Essentially its my own art, and using the tools available to me is, in a sense, still part of the creative process, because I'm not asking Photoshop to fix my art for me, I'm not even using filters, I'm conciously deciding what looks best /to me/ and what might be the most eyecatching. I intended to do a tutorial based on what I did to create this image with another pic for fierycatthing which she commissioned me to do, but part of me wants to omit the part where I take it into photoshop and decide "wow I really don't like how that turned out, I like this boost in contrast better". I feel that if I were a better artist I would already be able to "see" the colors I want to see and the contrast I want to see without having these easy fixes right at my fingertips, but essentially...isn't that what these programs are for? To make things EASIER for us artists? Take In Design for example, Dad was telling me how complicated the graphic arts industry used to be before Publisher and In Design and Quark...lots of cutting and pasting and hoping for the best when now its just a couple clicks and you're done. There's still work involved, but this tool makes it easier.

So I'd like to open it up for discussion, but please vote in this poll so I can get a general idea of where people's thoughts lie:

Poll #1036574 Photoshop Altering: Cheating or Legitimate?

Do you feel it's cheating to alter the colors or contrast of your own art in Photoshop?


*edit* My internet crapped out before I could edit this and explain, I'm speaking solely of digital art. Personally I feel that if you misrepresent your art by making it look better than it actually is in life, especially if you intend to sell it, then thats a whole other ballgame. Its fine to adjust it to where it looks similar to the way it looks in life if your scanner didn't pick it up, but otherwise I consider it misrepresentation. But thats just my stance.
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