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Does "No" really mean no?

While talking with Tiffalynx about her guy probs *and believe me, they are plentiful* she told me that she told off this guy cuz she just couldnt stand him talking to her/asking her questions/fussing over her and all around bugging her. Understandable, but then i told her,"do you have any idea how many times i told that to Tavis before we started dating? A lot, thats how many."

She just said i went from, "LEAVE ME ALONE!" to "I LOVE YOU TAVIS!"
yeah...thats it in a nutshell. Hes so damn persistant! And thats why i love him *kisses her mate*.

He knows the real reason why i did that, he kept whining about how i should go out with him. At that time i was dating 2 other guys and just all around enjoying myself. Not ready for committment at all, *much like Tiff is now, and i totally know where shes going with that.* i basically wanted to be like Mariah Carey and as soon as i get out of a serious relationship, date every guy on the face of the planet and have a good time. And i knew that if i got into a relationship with Tavis, it would be a good one and i wouldnt want to break his heart by feeling restless. I guess i just had to get the "wild" outta my system so i could take our relationship more seriously.
This was the right decision i feel because now were happy and i have no regrets! *well except for the fact that i yelled at him to stop whining so many times...and for that im sorry, woofy*

so anyhoo, dont worry Tiff, go wild, have fun! But remember, some things will come back to bite you in the ass ;) *points to bite mark on her butt*
Engel, stop biting my butt please...
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