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worried..yet again

some of you may wonder why im /always/ worrying about Tav?
well...lemme just say this:

why dont YOU try having a long distance relationship where the only way you can communicate is by cell phone or online. if theyre hurt, if theyre dead, if theyre in trouble...theres no way of you knowing. especially if youre not close with their family they wont think to tell you "oh somethings wrong."

especially cuz tav is so accident prone and somethings ALWAYS happening.

just last night some random kids were hassling him and his co workers and were threatening them and stuff. they had to be arrested. turns out the one guy that was arrested has been arrested before for stuff like assault, having weapons etc. the police were just gonna hold him overnight, meaning he could come back and do something drastic if he was pissed off enough the next day, and theres no security guard on duty >=/

right now i cant get ahold of him and i cant sleep knowing hes not home. if i cant get ahold of him....somethings up. he ALWAYS answers his phone.

i dont like not being in control of the situation. i hate feeling powerless, but it happens so often youd think id get used to it by now.

he gets into accidents, has been in 2 or three in the past couple of months
he hurts himself, quite often i might add
theres a potential of him getting shot at by some psycho copycat sniper
the crazy storms they get there are very hazardous...rain alone scares me on the east coast. it never gets that heavy here

so yeah..stuff like that make me nervous. all i can do is sit here and hope and pray to God that he is safe..

put yourself in my situation for just one second and then youll realize my paranoia

im gonna go /not/ sleep now =(
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