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and now for some good news

Tavis called me a bit ago with some very good news, but first, the background info:

Tavis works at a movie theatre as a manager/maintenance man. he specializes in working on the projection machines because that is his favorite thing to do. as for regular handyman stuff..he can do just about anything.

He is going to college in hopes of becomming a computer programmer. hes good at that stuff as well but...has come to the conclusion that he doesnt enjoy it as much as working directly with his hands and fixing stuff. i mean hell...hes as "male" as they come, no? he even considered changing his major from programming to engineering, but still needed some deciding factors and time is running out.

at his work they have this guy, George, who they call whenever the machines break and/or they need new parts. hes been exchanging e-mails with him a lot and basically doing all his work for him so he doesnt have to make the trip out. Therefore, George has been very grateful. He has been impressed with Tavis' work and ability to learn quickly. Thats my boy =)

George called Tavis at work and asked him to come in the next day, he wanted to talk to him. Tavis thought that it could be lots of different reasons, but hoped that it was a good one. Tavis does not have a projectionists liscence and therefore shouldnt even be up in the projection booth much less working on the machines, so he was a bit nervous that George would ask him about that. Good news for tav once again though..the company is going to pay for him to get his projectionists liscence so that problem will be taken care of =)

Long story short, George found out about Tav's lack of a liscence, didnt care, but instead recruited Tav to work as a technician for the machines, which is exactly what Tav wants to do! Aside from that, Tavis should be getting paid up to $10 very yeah..this is all very good news for Tav. the happier he is, the happier i am, the more money he makes, the more able he is to fend for himself out here. yay! now im gonna go look for colleges in the area for him to look into so he can get working on moving =D

Way to go Tavis!! *smooch* im so happy for you!
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