An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Pencil Sketch Commissions - $10

So I'm still at murphmongrel's in Los Angeles. Still looking for places, no luck yet, but I'm gonna need a bit of gas money to get back home. Since I don't have my tablet here with me I can offer $10 pencil sketches similar to the one I did in the post below for mahrkale. Since these are $10 and they're in my sketchbook, you'd be getting the high res scan as opposed to having it mailed, but its still the same as if I did a digital sketch for you, so high res scan of a pencil drawing is actually a bit better in a way since its..well..bigger than my digital ones :)

-One character. For additional characters its an additional $10 per
-$5 extra for winged characters
-Paypal only. Must pay the day of confirmation of your slot. My paypal is

-Comment here to reserve your slot.
-When you've received my confirmation comment, email me your description at
-Paypal to the same address

Comment here if interested! Thanks :3

1.silverfoxwolf - paid - completed
2.xothia - paid - completed
3.kylet -paid - completed
4.kulhain -paid - completed
5.lyosha - paid
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