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for me...

thorn is football's man of mystery *i once had that dream i was John Elway*
thorn is on the road again *damn straight*
thorn is among the top 3 realtors in moose jaw
thorn is not angavar ok *well...niether are you*
thorn is a small village *im not that fat*
thorn is very sharp for all men *sexay!!*
thorn is a hard *a hard......go on..finish the sentence,i dare you*
thorn is the third rune in what is thought to be a group of 33 *i remember that one*
thorn is on the road again unified theory is determined to create a new sound *and it goes like this...EEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRKKKK*
thorn is one of the biggest and most unusual character of them all
thorn is still based on the rogue spear engine and is not considered as "rainbow six iii" or "rogue spear 2" * gonna spear you*
thorn is a stand
thorn is a type 1 black *no...we already determined Tiffalynx is part black*
thorn is a handsome one *that i am*
thorn is that a terrorist organization is copying infamous terrorist incidents from history *wow...dont go there*
thorn is a trademark of red storm entertainment *you dont own me*
thorn is going to play *yes i am....tra la tra la*
thorn is also known as horse bean *ROTFLMAO*
thorn is connected to the following things *the disappearance of jimmy hoffa, the introduction of "the new coke", and the assassination of the lincoln squirrel*
thorn is a 200 year old *dont i look good for my age?*
thorn is the same as the th in thing *i put the th in Thing baby!*
thorn is easy *HEY!!*
thorn is also sort of named after an icelandic letter *but just sort of*
thorn is very simple *a-duh?*
thorn is currently scheduled to be released on october 1st *someone please capture her and return her by Nov. 20th*
thorn is one of the few "good" new york cops in the famine *I <3 NY*
thorn is interested in the development of vision and the effects of blur and defocus on vision *help i cant see!*
thorn is *yes...i am*
thorn is currently accepting submissions in all categories for the winter 2002/2003 edition *SUBMIT TO ME!!!*
thorn is a small tree *my BARK is worse than my bite*
thorn is more than just a band playing some music…it’s more than just another concert…a thorn show is more of an experience *how...spiritual*
thorn is no longer coke's master *now i rule over Pepsi and all its products*
thorn is taking the program *and look there she goes with it!*
thorn is an excellent strategic addition to cooper *who sucks at his job*
thorn is an example of the high caliber of people we have at california university *cali is the best, and i must be the best of the best*
thorn is so sweet *awww*
thorn is backing herself up against a wall that may prove too tough to climb *you mean i gotta climb....THAT?*
thorn is capable of sneaking through high security without being detected *Winter, put this in my character profile for your comic ;) *
thorn is an ex *and a did you mean ex con? 'looks innocent' ;) *
thorn is well worth the effort *Tav knows THAT for a fact, right hon? 'nudge nudge' *
thorn is a standalone package that does not require rogue spear *Rogue..youre off the hook*
thorn is bound with heavy tufts of moss that strive to drag it to the ground; and this i know *eeewww*
thorn is one of the most widely distributed acacia's *no mr. giraffe..NO!!!!! "chomp"*
thorn is in your foot "howd i get there?*
thorn is far more in touch with her emotions and freer in expressing them *yeah..and if im pissed youll know it*
thorn is also bandaging up gran'ma ben while she tells them many things *OOOH??!! did i just hear a Bone reference?! i think i did!!! finally someone gets it! *
thorn is the name of an evil giant *if you knew my size IRL youd find this laughable*
thorn is the only true heir to the throne *bow to me*
thorn is about not being ashamed of rage *oh believe not ashamed in the slightest*
thorn is a thorn is a thorn *reminds me of rescuers down is no is no...*
thorn is approached by a priest and told that the baby is dead *NOOOO! wait.....YEEEESSSS*
thorn is my 2d cousin * very flat opposed to a 3D cousin*
thorn is focusing on two areas *tavs butt and and my hand squeezing tavs much complication!*
thorn is published quarterly and run by a volunteer staff *volunteer? HA! they just think the term 'slaves' is too politically incorrect*
thorn is based upon sleek silver simplicity *(pets her grey fur).mm..silver....*
thorn is just another zone ganger *one of the many 'sigh'*
thorn is starting to look quite badly damaged *youre telling me!! (looks at grubby clothes)*

for him

tavis is a name that is widely recognized *not really..people keep calling him tRavis*
tavis is the founder of the tavis smiley foundation *SMILE!!!*
tavis is no longer on tv *now hes on the radio*
tavis is just the kind of person who has his hand up pobbles ass 24/7 thats why he's so annoying *ROTFLMAO!! who in the heck is pobble, Tav?*
tavis is a prick *i can say so many things to prove that wrong*
tavis is preserving our history by restoring african american historical sites *hes doing it for tiffalynx..cuz shes part black*
tavis is a very talented individual and i know he will land elsewhere *yes he is and he flying?*
tavis is an award *tadaa! you have won the Tavis!!*
tavis is the second band member to go to some college
tavis is rock *and me cave girl*
tavis is a fag man *wow..dont show this to Tom he wont be able to keep his paws off you*
tavis is a really tall guy *taller than me*
tavis is missing his hand *i hope to god not! he needs that hand*
tavis is the cook who loves to bbq *really? THE cook who loves the bbq? im so honored*
tavis is one of the trumpet players for the band *wow...right on the nose o_0, although im sure theyre talking about Reel Big Fish*
tavis is probably the best african american journalist on the scene *but...he hates english and hes Italian*
tavis is looking forward to the next mdr race at ridgecrest next april *betcha cant wait*
tavis is like losing a family member *whats that supposed to mean?*
tavis is re *as in re re? LOL i kid cuz i love 'smooch' *
tavis is good *ooooh yeah*
tavis is a simple man *like the amish?*
tavis is a character * character*
tavis is in a very angry mood *only on occasion*
tavis is fun to crush on but i wanna marry a dude like dan *who the hell is Dan?! I swear this Google thing doesnt know what its talking about!*
tavis is cool *go you!*
tavis is harmless *i wouldnt say that...he can pack a punch! yay! (likes strong guys)*
tavis is not amused *after the fact that lots of this is considered bad..i wouldnt be*
tavis is trained as a knight and callie as a lady *whos Callie?*
tavis is torn between love *sigh*
tavis is in charge of the entire district *feel the power*
tavis is one of your best players *damn straight*
tavis is the 36 *slurp slurp slurp ~clerks reference*
tavis is such a competitor *oh i know! =P actually..not really*
tavis is not a gabrilite or a michaeline *no hes not*
tavis is the only single one *hey..hes not single*
tavis is just like another sister to me *SISTER!?*
tavis is like a father figure to me */i/ wouldnt say that. thats just creepy*
tavis is getting heat from all sides about this *seems to happen to him a lot*
tavis is the undisputed head of the mckenna family and has the official scottish title of laird of clan mckenna *last time i checked his last name was Delahunt*
tavis is in matric *Neo..let me tell you about the Matrix! "my names not Neo and this isnt the Matrix! stop calling me!" wait wait! we dont have to talk about the matrix..we can talk about other stuff. chicks who have broken our hearts....the matrix....."~clerks cartoons episode 6*
tavis is an amazing guitarist *HELL YEAH! finally were getting somewhere*
tavis is *yes...yes he is*
tavis is making history on the radio *see? toldja he was on the radio. better than that Tom Licus jerk*
tavis is coerced into building an iron *it took a lot of pleading and persuasion..*
tavis is right *unfortunately for me and my ego, yes he is*
tavis is out? *um....yeah?*
tavis is the third male in the history of whs to ever reach 1000 points *as for THIS little female..ive reached a million a long time ago*
tavis is their only black guy and the only npr host who will talk to me *LOL!*
tavis is confused *so am i*
tavis is so important *aww, yes he is*
tavis is sooooooo babelicious *i can vouch for that!! LICK!*
tavis is wt *thats backwards for Tavy Wavy, and yes he is*
tavis is gone too *yeah...i already said that*
tavis is the man *you da man! you da gabubble!*
tavis is after you *EE! HELP ME!*
tavis is going out with his sister *WTF? Caitlin! get yer mitts off yer brother!*
tavis is gone though *whine~ i knooooow!*
tavis is a student of the game *and he plays it very well*

this was VERY amusing =D
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