An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Discussion - Ethics on reselling another artist's work

So a question came up in discussion and I kinda wanted to bring it to LJ.

Is it ethical, legal, and all around okay for someone to resell an artist's work after they were given it for free or purchased it?

Situations in point:

-You have some prints in your collection you decide you don't really want anymore or were part of a print folio that you don't much care for but would like to keep the ones you DO like, would it be alright to sell those via ebay or furbid with full credit given to the artist?

-You have an original work by an artist that you purchased but it doesn't really tie the room together, would it be okay to resell said artwork at an art show with full credit given to the artist?

-You have been given a piece of artwork as a trade or a gift that is relatively general in theme and might appeal to someone else. The piece no longer means anything to you or perhaps you need the money or the space and don't want to destroy the image. Would you be able to resell the artwork at a convention drama free without people getting all up in your shit for selling a gift/trade you no longer want?

IMO I think that it is perfectly ethical to resell an artist's work as long as it is done within reasonable terms (ie: youre not selling it to be mass produced, youre not selling the rights etc.) its done all the time. But I think in this fandom specifically that kind of thing is looked down upon for whatever reason even if it is well within their rights. I remember a time i found someone reselling my prints on furbid and another person reselling my originals on ebay because we were no longer friends and hated each other's guts and they didn't want my artwork in their house. I flipped my shit because it was like "omg violation" but wasn't? and if i were in their situationI wouldnt want any of their art in my posession either especially if we had fallen out of good company. Its well within their right. I gave it as a gift and in another case, was already paid for my time, what should I care if they resell it? Its out of my hands. Nowhere in anyone's contract does it say "you must keep this forever and ever once it passes from my hand to yours". I have no right to get all up in their grill over it. Yeah sure it might hurt a little depending on the situation but..whatev. And if i see someone selling one of my originals again, I'd be pretty curious to see what it went for XD Chances are it won't go for the innitial amount anyways. *shrugs* I made my cash for my times worth, no ones making t-shirts or coasters, I lose nothing.

So please...discuss. I'm honestly curious what the general thoughts on this are.
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