An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Photoshop question

I've used photoshop for years and this always happens and I never really bothered to ask why or how to fix it. The best way to describe it is say I have an image thats a certain size, and I'm sketching/painting within that canvas, but when I get close to the edges its like my line is magnetized to the edge and creates really warped straight lines, like its following the border instead of letting me go off the page at my liesure. Under the cut is an example of this:

Notice along the edges of the canvas the lines seem a bit more warped like they're following/magnetically drawn to the border? That wasn't intentional. The closer I got to the border with my brush my line was drawn to the edge. Anyone know why this happens or how to fix it? Anyone else experience this? D: I've had this problem with multiple versions of Photoshop, right now I have 7 (I never made the CS jump, I need to..)

*edit* Fixed!! Thank you so much :D Turns out I had "snap" turned on. To fix this go to View > uncheck "Snap". Wow...I don't know the purpose of that option but it sure is annoying.
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