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Nice work, BoneDaddy

well, i finally got the DVD player on my computer to work. thank you tech support!
wow, this monitor is great. the colors on nightmare before christmas look even more dismal than they do on my TV *thats a good thing....*
well im home sick again for the SECOND TIME IN A ROW! this sux butt. i hate feeling crummy. its one thing if i get to feel good and stay home, but if im stuck in bed then thats a bad thing. blah. maybe ill improve my drawing skills. last night was disappointing, and i do mean disappointing.
also, adult swim wasnt on last night. WHAT GIVES? i was looking forward to Rejected, Oblongs and Harvey Birdman *whine*

omg...VCL does not care about art anymore. yesterday i saw puffballs with stick arms and legs. thats supposed to be art. LOL horrible, horrible.

im gonna go watch my DVD now and bug Tav
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