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$10 sketches! AND A special request

Its that time again, time for $10 pencil sketches! I sketch your character in pencil and you get the high res file! If you wish it to be done digitally that is also fine, just please specify! Characters with wings are an extra $5, and each additional character is an additional $10. This time I'll take every form of payment (that is, personal check and money order), not just paypal.

If you're interested in a slot please comment here and say so. Wait for my response and then send your description and payment (if you're paying by paypal) to If you'll be paying by other means please tell me so in the email and I'll give you an address to send payment to. Thank you!

1.rikkanis_lynol -paid
2.crankycoyote -paid
5.godzuki -paid
6.spiritwolven -paid
7.vantid -paid
8.gatcat -paid
9.captainq -paid
10.alexf0x -paid

ALSO! Since I desperately need a new pencil case for my colored pencils (currently they're flying around all over the place and I'm losing a lot of them), I will do a speedpainting akin to the one in my icon for the person who buys me the 120 place BROWN one of these:

Item number: 22996-8120

So if you'd like to get me this, please specify in your comments and then shoot me an email. Thank you! :)
Thanks armaina!
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