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Talked to grandma. She hasn't evacuated. She's been asked to but she's too old/weak to stay at Qualcomm stadium. My uncle is with her but theres a lot of people on her street that have stayed. The thing they're not mentioning about Rancho Bernardo is that the general population is elderly folks. It started as a retirement community before some younger families started moving in, so most of the people in RB are old folks who are barely mobile.

Here's a map of the area. Check the bottom of the witch fire (the larger fire by ramona), near the 15. My grandma is on Caminito De Las Missiones.,-116.732483&spn=1.442114,1.697388&z=9

*wrings hands*

I don't know how our friends are in Lake Arrowhead. I almost moved there last weekend but I didn't because the place I was renting, they needed to fix the front steps first. Thank god I didn't move yet.

*edit* Everyone say your prayers for smokepaw, he's been sent to fight the Malibu fire from NorCal. He called me last night from Malibu. I know we can use all the help we can get.
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