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I thank you all, my viewers, for supporting me in what I do. Seriously its your kind words of support that keep me inspired. I really try to put a lot of effort into my artwork to give you all the quality of artwork you come here for. That said, I've put up a little PayPal "tip jar" here so that if you like what you see and might not necessarily have enough for a commission but would still like to support me in posting my artwork online and viewable to the public, you can donate or leave a tip, as it were.

Please bear in mind this is not obligatory, more like when you go to the Museum of Natural History you can pay an optional donation to help the museum curators run things behind the scenes and continue to bring you what you came to see.

Hey, an artist needs supplies to keep drawing afterall :)

Thank you all so much!

Current Commission Progress List
-Iisaw - painting - painting background
-Melody: 3.5/8 sketches done
-Fenny -Paid In Full - painting character
-Foxjump - Digital painterly commission - sketched
-Katarina - two tone badge - haven't started

*If you have an outstanding commission or shipment with me and don't see your name on this list and your commission has not already been completed and sent to you, please note me!

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