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Posting some sketches and some price adjustments

Alrighty guys, since I'm getting my older stuff out of the way I figured I'd start opening myself up more to commissions. I can't take any larger ones (such as full paintings) right now, I'm pretty booked for those, but I've also revised my price list and lowered some prices as well as raised some of them. Please note:

Sketches (both pencil and digital): $15
LiveJournal Icons (open canvas) 100x100 pixels: $15
LiveJournal Icons (artrage) 3"X3": $25
Color Conbadges (any medium): $35
Speedpaintings (9"X9"): $40 with only $10 for each additional character
Original traditional media ACEO cards: $40

Also I have a bunch of prints available through ArtSpots. The paper quality is spectacular if I do say so myself. I really love the prints I have from them.

If there's something in my ArtSpots gallery you like but I don't have a print of up there (granted its pretty stark right now, I'm trying to add stuff as I go) please let me know and I'll add it ASAP. There are some items I can't make prints of cuz they're too small or I no longer have the file but I'll cater to your wishes as best I can. Just lemme know!

Same goes for bookmarks, if there's an item you would like me to bookmarkify, please tell me and I will do so!

Also I have some more Disqualified Dog portfolios available for only $18. Please go here to see what you get!

If you'd like any of these commission items or portfolios please drop me a line at!

That said here's some sketches for wolfnymph
Eskimo pile!

And for shivra
Khaifox Sketch

*edit* fixed print link!
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