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im not gonna go to the post office today. theyre jerks there. im just gonna put the mail in the mailbox or something. it should go out tuesday at the latest anyway.

tav and i are doing the Googlisms thing lol!


Engel is a large lady in canada

Balto is the brindle male ive always dreamed of

Thornwolf is sooo sexy and soooo lovely and sooo pretty

and theres just too many funny ones for Niko
niko is a three year old rottie
niko is here
niko is a three year old rottie/mix
niko is very difficult for us to describe to you as a parent because there
niko is a fun loving guy whom enjoys children immensely
niko is
niko is a 4 year old
niko is so special to me because he loves to be with me 24 hours of the day
niko is a definite cutie
niko is not chasing them although one you can't see is missing part of it's beak from another naughty husky
niko is starting to get chubby baby cheeks
niko is a 1 1/2 yr
niko is an example of the wrong people getting dogs
niko is a canadian natural gas and oil exploration
niko is a 3 year old neutered male siberian husky
niko is fluent in greek
niko is a great big white tub of a wolfdog who came to us from albuquerque
niko is a male
niko is familiar with
niko is not the most social guy in the world
niko is primarily designed for automation solutions in private homes
niko is nice
niko is available for group and personal instruction
niko is a devout orthodox christian
niko is delighted to find a catatonic daddy
niko is a considerable build up of cash according to first energy
niko is in elfwood gallery 120
niko is living with an old grandma who is also working as a househelp
niko is made dense spice mohair with airbrushed eyes and ears and large black eyes
niko is er bovendien in geslaagd om dit als één van de eerste fabrikanten van schakelmateriaal in europa te realiseren
niko is reeds decennia lang marktleider op het gebied van schakelmateriaal
niko is a german shepard
niko is a german shepard selected for our department and imported to this country from germany
niko is scared of men
niko is really nice to me; i like her
niko is doing the art and though i wanted the commission
niko is a co
niko is competing in class 3 agility and he has started trialling in obedience as well
niko is currently
niko is syntex answer to the large
niko is taking everything
niko is currently assigned as a police service dog for the keizer police department in keizer
niko is downright
niko is dat wij een leven hebben en gij nie
niko is our 4 year old ragdoll with a himalayen background
niko is a four
niko is hpb
niko is niko
niko is growing and learning and being mainly not very ferret like
niko is considered the founder of two lineages
niko is thrown off the team
niko is a
niko is more outgoin; handicaps/illness
niko is a finnish citizen and has been living in barcelona
niko is still popular as one of the melody instruments
niko is the perfect instrument to express the melodies of the asian continent in the tones of this continent
niko is located on a hill commanding a good view of the city of takasaki and the mountains in gunma
niko is sacked from the investigation
niko is also imported from the botha farms in south africa
niko is imported from south africa
niko is a promising young artist devoted to his work with good perception
niko is back
niko is known as a saami composer and musician
niko is not only the restoran and hostel
niko is from 12th century england
niko is er voor de voorbereiding van studenten op dit coschap
niko is to contribute to the world by our karate
niko is a seal point siamese and is around 3 to 5 years old
niko is also interested in classical music and lists golf as a hobby
niko is interested in integrating aspects of human geography
niko is victorious over takamura
niko is a handsome buff cocker with white streak down his nose
niko is shooting a $10 mm 3
niko is all of 15 years old
niko is a psychic with demonstrated powers of clairvoyance
niko is encouraged as essar continues to send some funds to the partners and is working to bring its account up to date
niko is now mobilizing to begin shooting a $10 million
niko is at the forefront of hair fashion and is always one step ahead of the game
niko is about to become one of those babies that q finds to be so creepy
niko is written in nihongo
niko is a chocolate cpc male persian
niko is so sweet and his art is completely adborable
niko is successful
niko is a padi course director with over 18 years experience in the diving industry
niko is now seeking new challenges in foreign markets

and Dante

dante is divine
dante is looking for the biglake
dante is lost
dante is off again
dante is in need of a loving home in california
dante is back
dante is divine by marvin hightower gazette staff as a secondary
dante is born
dante is playing in storsjön
dante is looking for network engineer
dante is born under the sign of gemini
dante is sent on a three
dante is apprehended by commander pyre of the tsars' own scarlet wraiths
dante is aided in his deception by a mysterious female thief who is posing as 'the lady di winter'
dante is a multi
dante is prior for two months
dante is an interesting and articulate guest on radio and tv
dante is guided through hell and purgatory by virgil and by beatrice through heaven
dante is among the most shit
dante is called in to open the store because "arthur fell ill"
dante is my second horse
dante is 22
dante is keen to get the opportunity to execute the implementation plan it has presented as part of the europcairn report
dante is working very hard to coordinate all activities to ensure a smooth
dante is really very popular
dante is a circuit
dante is the real deal; the son of a legendary dark knight called sparda
dante is very frightened and nervous by virgil’s presence as you can tell by his response towards virgil saying “have pity on me
dante is at the gate of purgatory proper
dante is now seen as the creator of modern italian; before the divine comedy
dante is the closest thing to an answer
dante is currently heard in arenas throughout this great nation on one of rock and roll's most
dante is joyfully reunited with beatrice
dante is essentially optimistic as he asserts the goodness of god despite the foibles of man
dante is committed to supporting the growth and continuing formation of good teachers
dante is known for peopling the comedy with his acquaintances
dante is an agile and quick athlete
dante is
dante is sitting on the floor
dante is trying to reach his boss on the phone
dante is full of fear as he enters the gloomy halls of the inferno; however
dante is a difficult work
dante is a graduate of the los angeles juvenile penal system
dante is from bolivia
dante is guided by vergil
dante is there often
dante is solemn
dante is best known for the epic poem commedia
dante is that so many other people have done it
dante is the hero of this epic tale
dante is also able to probe the minds of others
dante is 290 pounds and he's 6'4"
dante is the darling of my life
dante is to learn from the penalties of the sinners so he can improve his life on earth
dante is guided by the roman poet virgil
dante is confronted by trish
dante is exiled from his native city
dante is my spiritual food
dante is the
dante is his 2nd redaction; his "purgatorio" and "paradiso" are the 1st
dante is a half
dante is an italian poet
dante is providing are
dante is still wholly owned by rare but ownership will be transferred to the national networks as soon as the shareholders agreement has been finalised
dante is a conservative
dante is inherently hard or even impossible to render into another form of art
dante is lost in dark wood; through the intervention of his beloved beatrice in heaven
dante is not up
dante is agile enough to use diving rolls and jumps to avoid
dante is a male rottweiler
dante is guided through hell and purgatory by virgil
dante is so shaken by the appearances of the three beasts that he rushes headlong into the dark woods he has just come out of
dante is acting less as a poet and more as an historian
dante is a man in denial
dante is a great poet
dante is spiritually asleep and lost in a dark wood
dante is now with becky eassey of myshelties
dante is a 1 1/2 year old
dante is also the busy
dante is a new company established in july 1993 to provide international telecommunications services for the european research community
dante is hot
dante is not a person to be taken lightly
dante is doing a lot right to prepare for retirement
dante is duplicated in a time shift that puts him virtually ahead of the actual event
dante is the 36
dante is one star in the entertainment business who doesn't need a press agent to hype his many accomplishments
dante is to go down another road
dante is rather unkind to mohammedanism
dante is full of life and full of himself sometimes
dante is equally adept with guns
dante is now considered italy's greatest poet
dante is most famous for his masterpiece "la divina commedia" or "the divine comedy 5 "
dante is known the world over

these are too fun lol!
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