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Im really happy now =) I talked to Tavis and everythings fine, i just caught him when he just woke up and he gets that way when he just wakes up sometimes. So its really no big deal, hes fine now and everythings honkey dory once again *licks Engel*

Im also really excited because Vesta (or her friends?) has commissioned me to do another piece =) $45 more to add to my non existant "New York survival kit fund"
I have enough money for the ticket, i bought it already, i just realized i have no money to LIVE when i get out there..Tav said hed take care of stuff, but still...i dont want to totally rely on him, that sux, and if i go to Jay and Silent Bob's secret stash *drool* i want to be able to get a shirt or something.

ATTENTION: I am currently taking on more commissions to bring with me to NY so please, big and small, bring in your art needs =)
even if you just want your character inked on bristol. i have a few auctions up on furbid right now, you should really check em out.
One is a dutch auction (everyone gets one) for 12.50 of my male malamute in a harness. So if you likey, just pay me $14.00 *thats with shipping* and ill give you a quality print! its large, so its worth it. *hint hint*

Hopefully tonight i can give Tiffalynx a live journal code *wants her buddy to join* we have interesting adventures =P
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