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Further Confusion

Yes, I am going. Yes, I have a table. Yes, I'm offering badges at my usual rate of $35

But I'm trying something a little different this year. I'm offering toony badges :D I have limited slots available for the super duper wee-wow watercolor and colored pencil badges but orders for those will be taken at the con and will be completed post con so I can spend more time ont hem, and I'm only taking 6 slots at $65 each (that includes shipping), but I figured these would be both fun for me and you.


For my roomie, wa_lawdawg. If you don't get the text, check out the Sheriff's Log in our neck of the woods.
Toony Badge - Lawdawg

and for my table mate vantid
Toony Badge - Vantid


And since I need to buy more markers for the con to bring you a wider variety in colors (a few of mine dried out from lack of use), if there's anyone out there who would like to buy a badge at $35 paypalled to me ( so I can grab some markers before I head up north, I'll have it ready for you at the con /or/ if you're not going I can ship that to you before I leave (don't worry about shipping unless you seriously seriously mind that I put it in a laminated badge holder and put a stamp on an envelope...if you want a bubble mailer its an additoinal $5 but I've seriously had no issues with doing it my way, not yet anyways). Please comment here if interested so I know who to thank.

Thanks guys. Is everybody stressed yet cuz I sure am! :D
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