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So. I'm not going to do a "Do's" and "Don't"s list because I figure by now, people should understand well enough what is and isn't appropriate behavior, and I will be sure to tell you if I'm uncomfortable with a very stern "DUDE! ...dont."

I'm so excited though. Getting to see old friends and new friends and work my tail off at my table drawing teh ahrts :3 Please do come by my table to say hello to me! I'll be sharing a table with vantid. I'm somewhere in one of the middle rows closer to the back of the room. I think I'm 66 on the map?

Anyways here's what I'll be offering this year:

Conbadges Toony style for $35. These are full body :3 Includes holder and clip
I will also be taking orders (ie: to be completed post con) for the deluxe super duper omg time consuming watercolor/colored pencil badges for $65 (this price includes shipping in a protective mailer, also including holder and clip). I will only be taking 6 slots for these and after this con, after I finish up my remaining commissions I'm not taking any again for a very long while. So yeah, nab em while you can!

Thorn Doodles, 1, 2 and 3 $15. Yes they're back! Due to requests I've made the previous versions of Thorn Doodles openly available again. Same Thorn Doodles price, same Thorn Doodles network.

Sketchbook sketches $15+ Please prepare to pay a little extra if you have winged characters or if you would like it inked, just to keep in mind.

Magnets $4 I have a wide range of images available as fridge magnets this year folks! And as a special, you can get 3 magnets for just $10

ACEO prints Both matted /and/ unmatted.
unmatted: $7
matted: $12

Prints $10. I have several prints listed for 50% off that I'd like to get rid of, but after those are gone I'm not making any more. Take a look!

Disqualified Dog Portfolio CDs $18 a fabulous compilation CD with high res images of your favorite doggy pornish pinups made by a variety of very talented artists. Includes desktop wallpaper as well. I will have image samples available at my table to show you what artwork you'll be getting with your purchase.

Originals - In the Art Show Both adult and general for very reasonable prices! Come look :3

As for what I look like: I'm short and have boobs. I'll also probably be wearing a CHP shirt and being accompanied by a firefighter and a cop. SUCH GEEKERY!
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