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Chain chain chain of fools

This is how you know its winter where I live:


I was involved in 2, count em 2 minor but consecutive "oopsies" today XD Trekking up "the hill" it began to snow. I figured "oooh..I'm good". I saw some non-local folks chaining up but it had only begun to snow and there wasn't any really on the main highway yet. I called my roomie to let him know I was down the street. I get down to the road by my house..

Goin down the hill goin down the hill, goin' a little too fast, should put on the brake, brakes no workie, am I pushing on the brake? What the-SkitterskitterskitterPEWM! into a snow embankment against a tree in someone's front yard.

Call the roomie "DAAAAAN! I'm STUCK! ......PICK UP THE PHONE! >:C"

Was able to get my car out, I'm less than a block from home, there's my street! *turn turn turn* Waaaait a minute, car, you know I live over there, where are we going? *spin spin spin* oh snap! *crunch crunch crunchskitterskitterskitter* BWOOSH!

*sits* Well. This is fun. *gets chains out*

Roomie *calls back*
Me: *can see him from where I'm booshed in the snow* >;P
Roomie: OHSNAP! *run run run slide run run*

Chained up to essentially get into the driveway :P

Here's to hoping I don't get snowed in on the day I have to leave for the con!
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