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The art of Thornwolf
Chain chain chain of fools
This is how you know its winter where I live:


I was involved in 2, count em 2 minor but consecutive "oopsies" today XD Trekking up "the hill" it began to snow. I figured "oooh..I'm good". I saw some non-local folks chaining up but it had only begun to snow and there wasn't any really on the main highway yet. I called my roomie to let him know I was down the street. I get down to the road by my house..

Goin down the hill goin down the hill, goin' a little too fast, should put on the brake, brakes no workie, am I pushing on the brake? What the-SkitterskitterskitterPEWM! into a snow embankment against a tree in someone's front yard.

Call the roomie "DAAAAAN! I'm STUCK! ......PICK UP THE PHONE! >:C"

Was able to get my car out, I'm less than a block from home, there's my street! *turn turn turn* Waaaait a minute, car, you know I live over there, where are we going? *spin spin spin* oh snap! *crunch crunch crunchskitterskitterskitter* BWOOSH!

*sits* Well. This is fun. *gets chains out*

Roomie *calls back*
Me: *can see him from where I'm booshed in the snow* >;P
Roomie: OHSNAP! *run run run slide run run*

Chained up to essentially get into the driveway :P

Here's to hoping I don't get snowed in on the day I have to leave for the con!

Current Mood: cold cold

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gab From: gab Date: January 22nd, 2008 05:06 am (UTC) (Link)
Man! That happened to us just this morning on the way to work! I had to go around the block a couple of times because the car kept sliding and not turning into the narrow street to get to our work. :(
doodlesthegreat From: doodlesthegreat Date: January 22nd, 2008 06:30 am (UTC) (Link)
The Weather Channel has said 40% chance of show showers this weekend for your area, and rain expected in SJ as well, so just be careful.
alexf0x From: alexf0x Date: January 22nd, 2008 08:05 am (UTC) (Link)
I saw the pictures of some the snow in the US just now on the TV (or at least the pictures of it in NY state), one word "biblical".

Incidentally I've been stuck with all the flooding in my area at the moment, and I can't think of a route to work at the moment that isn't backed up, or closed off for being underwater.

I spent nearly 4 hours yesterday collectively getting to and going home from work, and normally its only 45mins each way.
stego_s_aurus From: stego_s_aurus Date: January 23rd, 2008 08:24 pm (UTC) (Link)
Ackie!! Sowwies on hearing that, ya: Better thing to do when you see yourself going downhill in the snow is to shift into the lower gears: This way the engine is helping you go slow down the hill without you putting on the brake too much: Is very bad when wheels stop spinning and start sliding. For example, on a good snow when I still don't wanna put on my chains but have to go down lake drive from the stop at Top town, before I start moving I shift from (D) into 2, and just glide on down, using brakes sparingly and pumping them.

Sometimes if its really bad (in my case) I just park in the church lot across the street, which is flat and usually plowed, and just hoof it up the block home.

Hopefurrly it wasnt too much of an owie, did anything get dented up?
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