An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Wanna buy a fursuit?

So my roomie wa_lawdawg has this /brand spankin' new/ MixedCandy Coyote fursuit he's selling, for ridiculously cheap as far as fursuits go. It's only been worn me. :D In fact that's me in the photo which is why it looks a bit saggy, I'm only 4'11" and this will fit someone up to 6'1" easily (and my dog who is not for sale...and my messy cabin /right/ when we moved in so apologies for the mess ;P )

More pictures of it in action as well as how it can be a half suit here on his FA page:

Those of you in the lobby at FC or at the fursuit dance on Saturday might have been witness to this suit's only shenanigans, but its a /very/ lovely suit.

And the best part is, its a full suit, but it can also be a partial! The tail, feet, lower arms and head make an /excellent/ partial suit, and piece together nicely for the full effect.

So please, if you like yotes and you like MixedCandy fursuits, check it out!
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