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Wacom tablet for sale - Cheap!

So, I finally got the new tablet I've wanted so I'm selling my old one. It's a 12X18 Wacom Intuos 2 complete with original stylus and mouse that it came with and has a built in tracing paper feature that is really cool. It's been /very/ well taken care of and has given me a lot of good times (and good artwork if I do say so myself!) It handle's very beautifully...and the best part is, it's an over $600 tablet with a starting bid of only $200. A real steal for those wanting something a little bigger than the weenie palm sized tablets that don't allow you to be very fluid.

Please check out my auction on Ebay if you've ever considered of getting a tablet and are an experienced user who prefers a wide range of motion when creating your artwork or are a beginner who is curious to the tablet experience and chooses to not work on a small scale.

---->>>>Please click here to check out the Wacom Tablet on Ebay<<<<-----

I'd be very much appreciative of those who would pimp this auction :3 I could really use it!
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