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I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees

In January, a tree fell on the house next door when we had our heavy snow/wind storm. Since no-one lives in that house, it went unnoticed. It's a rental and no one bothered to tell the owner I guess ( I didn't even see the for rent sign until later, otherwise I would have called).


Then about a month or two ago, another tree fell on the house behind us. Again, no one lives there, it's a weekend rental.

Well, these trees stayed there for quite a number of months. The owner of the house next door came back one day and started freaking out that there was a tree on his rental house (which by the way, I thought was condemned, as its all barred up and really horrible and unstable looking, it should be mowed to the ground personally). He commented to the rest of us neighbors that we should have called them. He then made arrangements to get the tree removed, but this was a month and a half ago, I didn't know when the thing was going to be removed, and at this point it didn't seem like it was going to be soon.

Meanwhile, Vannie was using the rest of the trees on that side of our house in the surrounding wooded area as reference by just looking out our window, and using them for a drawing she was working on. And literally just the other day commenting about how lucky she was to have such reference readily available.

Yesterday morning at 8 AM, a bunch of men with chainsaws not only took off the trees that crunched the houses, but they pretty much clearcut that whole wooded area, saplings and all. That side of our house now looks terribly ugly and instead of a view of trees out the west window, we get to see, in excruciating detail, the neighbors dilapidated house.

It's very depressing. I don't know what houses the saplings were going to fall on, or why they had to take all the blossoms off of the birch. My driveway is now littered in blossoms, and it just makes me sick.

And what's more, there went Vannie's reference.

Stupid flatlanders. Why move to the mountains if you're just going to remove the scenery? Trimming is one thing, but leveling????

In other news, here is my noble dog who is descended from wolves.

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