An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Need ArtRage, will trade an icon if you buy it for me! ($25)

I need to buy ArtRage for my mac as I have a lot of projects that require it. I only have it on my PC (which I'm putting out of commission, I'm switching everything over to Mac). But even $25 is too much for me to spend right now (I'm on a very very tight budget now that school's started and I can't work as much) and yeah, the whole program only costs that much!

Here's the page where it's $25 (its the download only version, not the Plus version)

Would anyone like to buy me ArtRage in exchange for an icon done in the program, usual to my other ones? They're normally a little less than twice that price so this is really a bargain for anyone who wants it!

Please comment here if interested. First come first serve, but I ask that you please purchase it immediately so I can get straight to work?

Thank you!

Also as a question, once it's purchased for my Mac laptop do I have to buy it again for my Mac desktop or can the download code transfer over? Anyone know? I'd like to have it on both machines ideally, but considering its such a cheap program I don't know if they allow that or not. Anyone know this?

Thanks again!
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