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Computer help - Conundrum

I'm trying to put my PC out of commission but transfer all of my files from that computer to my desktop mac. I'm switching everything over to Mac for graphics and the like.

I bought an external harddrive and was able to put said files onto the harddrive no problem, but then i tried to plug the harddrive into my mac laptop and it wouldn't read the drive at all, as in the little icon saying I have something plugged into my usb drive didn't pop up.

I don't know if its because I don't have enough room on my laptop for the harddrive, but even so it should at least /read/ it right?

That aside, I don't have my mac desktop set up yet as I have very little space and I was going to put it where my desktop PC is, so I was trying to avoid hooking it up until I was ready.

What would you guys suggest I do? I can still take the harddrive back as I have the receipt and the packaging. I've so far successfully transferred some files from my PC to my laptop using a flash drive but it's way tedious, and I'd really like this harddrive to work.

I'm really not good with computers at all. I know how to use them for art but I don't know how to maintain them very well, so any help would be much appreciated.
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