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Hey guys. So I'm thinking of offering more than one style of badge at Califur as I tend to do a lot of styles anyways but don't want to limit my customers on what they can get, but I need examples. I don't know what I'm going to do yet, it depends on what materials I'm going to use, but most likely its going to be marker and colored pencil.

So I have 2 slots available for experimental badges at a lower cost than the regular badges, since its kind of...a surprise XD

I will be using these as my examples for the con, so they'll either be mailed to you before the con or if you're going they can be picked up in person (saves on shipping).

The cost is $30, that's the discount price, and basically you're giving me free reign to do whatever style with your character, so for the adventurous who doesn't mind a bit of a surprise, this might be for you!

There's 2 slots available, both will probably be in different styles, not sure.

Anyways, please comment here if interested, paypal only at this time please. is my paypal, and please immediately send your char description there as well.

1. yelth - Paid - Started
2. silverfoxwolf - Not Paid

I'm going away for the day so I won't be able to check right away who's first up. But I'll respond when I get back (or before I leave depending).

Thanks everyone! :)
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