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Experimental Conbadges

This one's for yelth. This one was way too labor intensive for me to justify offering it at cons, and honestly, probably ever >_< It was a fun exercise nonetheless. There's gold paint on it so it shines in person :)

Yelth Badge

This one's for silverfoxwolf and I /will/ be offering these types of badges at my mid-range price of $55 each. I got to use the Tria markers dingybatty gave me, thank you! :D My toony badges will be at the same price of $35 and my super watercolor/colored pencil take-home badges will be the same $65

Silverfoxwolf Real Media Badge

Oh and I don't think (?) they use those batons but I likes em anyways! XD Hope you don't mind, SFW.
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