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Wait List?

Irony at it's finest, when I'm open for business I don't get many offers, but when I'm closed I get inquiries about commissions and I feel dreadful for saying no, then opening up weeks later. So I've decided to start up a wait list for when I feel like doing my spur of the moment openings, but offer them to the people who have asked me already independently. The benefits of this of course are that my prices are subject to change, so if you reserve a spot you will be able to get it at the original price I quote you up front (which I will write down). When I open up I will contact you and ask if you're still interested. If not I'll move to the next person in line and so forth. This is rather experimental so, please bare with me. Also since I still have a backlog it might be awhile but the smaller things such as icons and badges are more likely to open up quicker.

So with that, feel free to email me if interested in placing yourself on the wait list. Email is

Thanks! :)
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