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Sketchbook Auction - All Ratings - Help Silber get out here :)

Auction link here! ---->>>>>>>>

Hey everyone!
So, the long and the short of it is, I haven’t seen my boyfriend, silber, in a year and a half because of the distance and with me being in school and all. I was going to use the money I earned from FC to have him come see me, but someone who I had considered a friend was in need and I used the money to help them instead, under the impression that they’d pay me back in time for me to get my boyfriend out here for my birthday. Unfortunately, this decision of mine has left me not only worse off than before, and due to their inability to pay me back in the time frame I had requested, without any prospects to see my boyfriend anytime soon, which has left me kind of at a loss and without a lot of options.
And so, after talking it out with a couple of people, I've decided to offer a 5-10 page sketchbook commission. I had closed commissions because I wanted to focus on school, and focus on school I have, but due to me being too damn nice and having it kinda...blow up in my face, I’d really just like to earn some money so I can see my boyfriend again.

What you’ll get:

A hard/spiral bound 5 1/2”x8” acid free sketchbook with 5 sketches of your choice of subject matter and theme. The higher the bidding goes, the more options you have, including ink and/or color, and even more pages! Maximum 10 pages, but the higher the bidding goes, the more detail and options you’ll get!

$50 + = 5 sketches
Starting at $100, you’ll get a colored page, and for each additional $100 you spend you’ll get another page sketched and your choice of one of the sketches to be colored.</b> So for example, $100 gets you 5 sketches and a colored page out of those 5, $200 gets you 6 sketches and 2 colored pages out of the 6, $300 gets you 7 sketches and 3 colored pages out of those 7, etc. You can have up to 10 drawings and after that I’ll color an additional page for each $100. And again, the higher the bidding goes, the more detailed the drawings will be.
If the bidding goes up to $800, you will get all 10 pages colored and an 11th additional sketch included.
While I will draw most things there are a couple things in which I would be less inclined to draw. If you have any questions about if your ideas might be too iffy and you want to double check if I’ll draw them before you bid, please feel free to contact me, I’m quick to reply. (

I've included the list of "will nots" in the auction info for those of you at work :) Don't worry, the images on the auction are work safe!

If you are interested in helping but do not have the money for the auction and still would like something, for every $15 donated to my paypal account I will draw you a little something ☺ </b>Just please in your paypal note leave your character description and links to pics of your character, anything specific and I’ll draw a little something. Please also make sure to leave your correct email so I can email you! Thank you. My paypal address is, this is also my email address so if you have any questions regarding the auction or otherwise, please feel free to contact me. I’m quick to reply!</p>

If you would like to see any more samples of my art, please check out my gallery at

Thank you for your help! ☺

If anyone would like to pimp this for me I'd be /very/ very grateful :)

Auction link again ---->>>>>
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