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merry christmas, have some strep throat

went to urgent care today. my throat has been bugging me and i have some sort of tonsil infection as well as an upper respiratory infection of some sort. hope i dont have strep. they said theyd call me if i did, and they wont call me if i dont.
Tavis' anniversary present didnt come today. he said it should be here today or monday. *sits by the mailbox* on a good note i got my tasmanian tiger plush today. i named him Benjamin after the last Thylacine living in captivity. i hope they make some breakthroughs with that cloning theyre doing. id like Tassies to roam free again =( theyre so cute.
dad got me some sketchbooks and ive been drawing in them like crazy. ill see about uploading some stuff tonight as well as some prelims for my Happy Howliday's series. actually its just Christmas..but happy Howl-mas sounded stupid. and i dont know how to depict Kwanzaa anyhow. im so ethnically challenged =P
i think im gonna go draw now. =)
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