An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Thank you! And a badge

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, and well...remembering my birthday :3 I usually hint shamelessly but this year I was shocked at how many people actually acknowledged it when I hadn't said anything. Thank you, it meant a lot and made what would have otherwise been a very mundane and stressful day into something special :) Well that and vantid took me to Red Lobster where I put both coconuts and shrimp on the endangered species list.

And now, just to show you another style of badge I will be offering at Califur, inked badges for $25! This one is for panth because he's always offering me drinks and being such a help to both vantid and I at cons.

Panth the Mixologist

So the rundown:
Pencil Badges: $15
Ink Badges: $25
Toony Badges: $35 (full body)
Marker and colored pencil badges: $45 They look like this Silverfoxwolf Real Media Badge

And the super-deluxe watercolor/colored pencil badges are $65, but I take those home to work on them.

So, lots of choices, kids!

See you there!

Oh and I should maybe (or maybe not) mention that for my birthday I got myself a fish.


I named him Frasier. He's a very pompous betta. Fits! :D *obsessed*
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