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Califur 08!

I'll put it under the cut cuz its long.

Totally fucked up plans to pick up kilojara because we thought she was arriving at the San Berdoo trainstation but she was in Irvine. Sorry Kilo! All was fixed though, and we paid for her cab from the train station to the hotel :3 Since there's not really many things within walking distance of the hotel, we mostly used my car, which sucked. I hate being the only one with a car at these things, but fortunately I let my friends drive so I didn't have to be the designated driver for my birthday stuff. Thanks for taking care of that, timberwolf4u.

The Hotel
I've already ranted about the hotel, but I should say that the place was pretty swanky and I was very comfortable. The bell hops were very kind as were the maids. Always tip your bellhop/maid! They have to put up with a /lot/ of shit at these things.
First night, we ended up in the middle of some sort of boxing match/black tie party thing with Ottmar Liebert music playing (Spanish Guitar stuff) and ice sculptures...what the hell man? That hotel is a maze D: We also wound up in the servants area (twice!) and had to take the service elevator up. I really hated the location of the parking lot and the fact that the easiest way to get to it was "off limits". Also wasn't thrilled with the setup of the lobby. And whats with the hotel bar closing at midnight? Whatever happened to a 2AM last call?

Kilo, Vannie and I ended up lost in the parking lot for hours with one of those baggage trolleys. They thought we were stealing it, we were running it around the valet parking lot trying to find my car (which of course was not there as we were parked in self parking) Its funny now but it wasn't at the time because we were /tired/ from a long day (I came directly from school as did Kilo).

Hooked up with ,likeshine who stayed in our room for a night. There were like, absolutely /no/ furries in the lobby at all when we arrived, which was odd because I expected people to be hanging out. Roomed with kilojara and vantid otherwise. Its nice to have a stable set of roommates who I know are sane.

The Dealer's Den
Business was SLOW in the dealer's room on Friday. Didn't make very many sales that day, but we assumed its because people had work and the registration line was freaking long. I spent nearly the whole con tied to my table, but fortunately sales picked up 10 fold the subsequent days and I made my goal. Yay credit card payments! Thank you to all my delightful patrons! I had some great conversations with a lot of you :) If you have scans of your badges I would absolutely /love/ them, please send them to Didn't have /any/ rude patrons at all this whole con, it was overall very pleasant :) I appreciate people who understand the plight of the humble artist XD
As mentioned previously, I wasn't thrilled with the lighting in the dealer's den at all, which caused a lot of miscolorations and re-do's on a lot of things. :/ The artist's breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday were much appreciated, although I generally loathe continental breakfasts, it was a nice gesture. I totally nommed Saturday's breakfast though, applewood smoked bacon for the win. Thank you to the staff who arranged that! It was worth waking up early :)
Big thanks to panth for keeping me "hydrated" with margarita goodness throughout the days and a very big thanks to our minion timberwolf4u for being our he-bitch, (and also to Crimson and Haski who were great replacement he-bitches for when Timber was unavailable) :D Also a thanks goes out to doodlesthegreat who gave me the most awesome selection of rootbeer! I've found a favorite. That Hawaiian one wins over all of them. My friends and I shared them at the screening of Prince Caspian and did taste tests. And the best part: No corn syrup!
Lots of really great artists in the den this year. Sat next to emerald_sage who I'm convinced should charge people to hear a song, and got to visit with xxbalaaxx and darknatasha quite a bit (who I'm anxiously awaiting a badge from! yay! :D) I also commissioned an artist I've never heard of before, White Falcon, for a badge. I'll have to scan it, it's beautiful! She's very talented :)

As mentioned, there wasn't a lot directly within walking distance of the hotel, and I like to have very very small get togethers so nicer restaurants are great. I refuse to eat at Souplantation (even though I was totally craving soup today when we left, found a way around it though).The first night,gore_wuff rounded several of us up and took us to OC Pizza. So kind of you, Gore, thank you! <3 That place was /awesome/. I don't think I've ever had buffalo wings that good, I need to learn how to make them crunchy like that. The night after, skorzy hooked up with my crew (Vannie, Timber, Crimson and his girl Noma, Haski and Kilojara) for Indian food at the great place we went to for my birthday last time thats oddly within walking distance of /last/ Califur's hotel XD During the con I mostly ate Rubios, and got a very regrettable sandwich from Panera which I ended up throwing away. What a waste, but no one else wanted it. Oh well. After watching Prince Caspian with the gang on Sunday Night we went to In N Out which is /always/ good. :) Turned Timber on to Animal Style fries! A little known thing, if you order Animal Style fries at In N Out, (its on the secret menu) its their signature fries, but with the thousand island sauce, grilled onions, and cheese on them. They're a meal in themself! I had that with that delicious Hawaiian rootbeer from BevMo. Oh man, gotta get me some of that. Ate at "The Corner Bakery" today, which was very tasty. Would highly reccommend the pesto chicken sandwich. A little overpriced for the portion though IMO, but it gave me 2 meals XD so there ya go.

I only really drink/party at cons (twice a year party girl? why not I guess.), but I'm really glad to say I had a really good time while being responsible at this one :) I only got drunk once and was bright eyed and bushy tailed the next morning ready for work. I come to these things to work and make money, yes, but theres a reason i don't take "homework", because I also come to these things to see friends I only see twice a year, relax, and have fun, and also it was my birthday celebration during the con so that works as well!

I tried Absinthe for the first time, courtesy of timberwolf4u. /That/ was pretty cool, but I still want to try it in Europe as I'm sure its different. The flaming sugar was really cool :) Had Everclear for the first time as well, courtesy of Kishor, who then proceeded to mix it with both energy shot and plum wine D: D: D: D: (quote of the night "It's made from corn, see? Its good for you!")Also, hookahs are kind of overrated (lol flavored air) but thanks for the opportunity guys :) (wtf is grapericot?)

Had a very gay room party with panth, eagle_beagle and their very gay friends. I said "this place is a total sausage fest and not a one would be interested in us, Kilo". XD Love you guys, you rocked and made me LOL:) LOVED the stories you guys told. Thanks for the Margaritas and the Margatinis!

After that, went to cubstatik's Dead Drum party a half an hour before it got shut down by hotel staff. From what I heard from Con Ops there was a report by an angry parent about underage drinking, but I heard from other people there were noise complaints as well. Regardless of the reason, that blew, but it was a good party and I had fun. I also had an AMF (Adios Motherfucker). That kicked my ass, and I had a good case of "the spins" when I finally headed to bed, but amazingly I came out of it just fine and slept like a baby.

Heard all about Kishor's drunken hijinx (including naked cream-tub bongos) but for the sake of anonymity I won't fill you all in XD Let's just say he's probably "that crazy drunk guy" who "did that thing" in all of your con stories. <3 to the Folf! Hope you can fix that guitar you sat on.

Was none! Move along move along ;D Seriously this is the first con I've had where I managed to avoid everyone else's bullshit and didn't have stuff foisted upon me :D Woo!

Birthday Stuff
As mentioned, got the rootbeer from doodlesthegreat, got some snacky-poos from crimson_fox, drinks and dinner from the crew (thank you everyone), and an awesome steampunk Califur shirt (the one designed by Kisumi I was COVETING) from kylet :D Vannie bought my entrance into Prince Caspian but I was told today (rather I guessed with 20 million questions) that she got me an actual present that will hopefully be in the mail here soon...I'll have to take photos when it gets here. I also got a gift print from feralityillust. thanks Ferality! You and your boyfriend were awesome to talk to, I wish we could have talked more :) I know there's something I'm forgetting but I haven't unpacked yet so I apologize! But I know I've thanked you :D

Sad I didn't get to see tarnac in suit/see him and Amsel more, but that's why we'll just have to have a gathering soon :)

Attempted to watch a pirated copy of Iron Man. I didn't like it. I know totally sacrelige but I didn't. Not my cup-o-tea I guess, and admittedly I purposely fell asleep half way through,it just wasn't grabbing me.

Enjoyed the art show, thought about bidding on something but I completely forgot D: Oh well. I'm wondering if I should put stuff in there next time. Dunno!

My favorite suit of the con was the Megatherium. Nothing says "welcome to California" like a giant powder blue, sparkly prehistoric giant ground sloth. LOVED that thing :D

Got to talk to dustmeat a bit before the den opened on one of the days. I don't think I've ever gotten to talk to her at length like..ever. Was awesome seeing you Meg! :D And Bob as well, I haven't seen him in awhile.

Went to the dance and danced with crocuta and co. to mine and silber's song. *winks at Phil* :3 I was happy they played it! I was pleased with the music choice this con. Kudos goes to the DJ's but I think here needs to be better mixing, as this was the first dance I've been to where the songs didn't fade into one another for continuation. Weird!

Big thanks to Cataroo and John for watching my dog! Yes my little wussy luck-dragon puppy played with Great Danes this weekend :) I'm glad she was well taken care of!

Overall: An excellent con that went off without a hitch! No hectic packing and setup, no problems with the con itself, I had an /excellent/ time, no hangovers, no con-crud (actually the Buckley's I drank cleared that cough I had right up...I have a lingering cough from when I had the flu 3 weeks ago :O apologies to those I annoyed!), no drama, /perfect/ dinner plans that were just the size I like, no planning nightmares, just an all around good con. Would appreciate a different venue next year, but we'll see how that goes :)

Thank you everyone for a great time! To everyone I met/saw/ hung out with, hope to see you at FC for round 2 XD
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