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Indiana Jones and the movie that was better than Temple

Figured I'd discuss this here. Saw it tonight with Haski, Vannie, Kishor and Anfang...


Spoilers under the cut

Okay so ALIENS. What the hell man? I guess it goes with the whole Space Age theme of the film, but I really hate aliens and movies having to do with aliens, especially the grey ones with the big eyes. I really just...don't like them. I also hate science fiction, so that part was just not appealing whatsoever.

I knew it was coming though, even before seeing previews, just hearing about the crystal skulls I knew it was going to have to do with aliens, and when the movie went on about ancient Mayan civilization and "technology" it just..confirmed what the ending was going to be. Anyone who knows anything about the controversies surrounding that culture or the crystal skulls for that matter knows aliens will be brought up, no matter what. So...I guess I went into it expecting it and wasn't as "WTF?" because I know how it ties in. I didn't think it would turn out like Mission to Mars or Red Planet or whatever that one was though, with them /meeting/ the aliens. Did not want. Bad guy death scene wasn't as awesome as pizza-hut-esque face melting Ark Nazi or poorly chosen Grail drinking skeletor Nazi. Definitely better than "eaten by rubber crocodiles" Temple chief though. In fact, I think everything pwned over that particular movie, lets just never talk about Temple again and pretend it never happened.

I loved Harrison. Pissed they killed off Senior Jones. Happy that Mutt was his son. I was like "oh pleeeease" but I still liked Elsa best. But I'm biased.

My favorite part: The bomb scene. AWESOME! :D And dude I knew he was going to go into the fridge.

Bad guys were better than anticipated. I was sad there were no Nazis but happy to finally watch a movie that didn't have middle easterners be the bad guys for once *cough Iron Man cough LAME cough cough SO SICK OF THE MIDDLE EAST...cept 300's Persians. For I am kind.*

I had quite a few laughs, I think it was what it was and I was pleased. I was glad the ending didn't open itself up to more sequels (fuck yooooou Lucas! Stop corrupting your friends) I /hated/ the ending though. Stupid aliens. And boo on destroying EVERYTHING! God damn Mongolians Aliens stop knocking down my shitty wall! The wedding IMO was over the top. I think that was thrown in to please the girls and it didn't please me. It could have been implied I think. It sucks to marry off a character because it makes them less "available" to us fangirls. Oh yeah, I'd totally do an older dude...especially if he was Harrison Ford (or Kelsey Grammer..or...wibble..SEAN CONNERY..*slurp*) I think Lucas is becoming a hopeless romantic in his post-divorce stage old age insanity and Spielberg is his enabler. Lucas stop crossing Star Wars with Indy. Indy IS MY StarWars. And dryclean your Ewok costume, I KNOW you wore it to the premier. Crazy fuck. And Spielberg, don't listen to anything he says. Just..please. No.

Verdict: I liked it. I mean it was laughable through most of it, but that's the point of an Indiana Jones movie, to /be/ the cliche. This movie officially replaces Temple of Doom which can D.I.A.F.

Kah-li-mah...KAH-LI-MAH! *Rips Temple's heart out...feeds it to rubber crocodiles*
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