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i had a donut sitting on the kitchen counter and mom dumped her foot spa into the sink, getting my donut soggy wet *sigh*
To make up for it, mom said," Now, what can i say that would bribe you to get dressed and go out to eat with me?"
i said, "two words, Indian food." i LUUUUV Indian food, so we went to "Passage to India" and ordered Chicken Tikka Masala hor however its spelled, its yummy =)
but the service was terrible! we were there 2 hours and it only takes me 15, 20 minutes TOPS to eat a meal that size. They didnt even give us our Naan bread that we ordered until we complained about it. *grrrrr*
However, during this time of no food and bad service, mom and i had time to make up characters for her and her new husband, Mike.
Weve decided that Mike is a grey, black and white boston terrier/boxer mix named Trooper and mom is a blonde, green eyed border collie who has yet to be named. Her name is Jasmine Faith, so i thought of looking up those words in german or something like that, or even just some words that best describe her. =)

i have yet to draw them but mom and i get pretty creative when were together. and were stoked about going to NY too. Mom said shes going to get to NY then asap go directly to Boston to see Mike *totally going against my dads wishes but, eh, who cares right? Hes being a dork right now anyhow and its not like mom would have much to do in Manhattan by herself.* so were really excited.
I cant wait to pounce on Tav as soon as i get to the airport =)

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