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iTunes help!

I'm having trouble importing songs I downloaded from LimeWire into my iTunes.

I downloaded LimeWire and downloaded a couple of songs, none of which were able to play in the LimeWire preview thing for some reason, I don't know what's up there.

Anyways, I tried adding said songs to my iTunes library (again, still not able to listen to them because iTunes wouldn't even play them when I "launched download"), and they won't add!

Some songs I got from a friend imported into iTunes just fine, but not my LimeWire songs. Help plz?

Has Apple gotten incredibly smart all of a sudden that they now know when something's from LimeWire and won't allow it?

*Edit* To clarify I'm on a Mac. Thanks!

*edit* Fixed! I uninstalled it and installed it again and that seemed to work. Now I have another question, since they don't have Soulseek for Macs (that I know of) is there some other kind of obscure music downloading program out there that /will/ work for Macs?

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