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Color Matching with Photoshop: A possible solution to the CS2+ problem

A few weeks ago I asked here what could be the reason that my colors aren't saving as vibrantly as they show up in Photoshop. I've been tearing my hair out over this issue, even went as far as to write Adobe, mentioning I'm not thrilled with the concept of paying good money for an upgrade on a product that doesn't do what it did in previous versions. A month later (nyuk nyuk nyuk) I received an answer but not one that really put it into terms that I could understand, as someone who knows how to use computers for art, but is still sketchy on certain technical aspects. I asked specifically for a dumbed down solution and got technical jargon as a response.

Apparently this is a widespread problem that has been causing artists quite a bit of grief. I wish Adobe would make the solution a little more prominent on their website, whether it be a giant "HEY look at this we screwed up, fix it here" tutorial or a downloadable patch to fix the issue, but for now, here's a blog entry on the subject.

If you're having problems with your colors washing out in transition between your PSD files to your JPEG files, click this link, hopefully it will help solve your problem
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