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Update, of sorts

Hey all,

Just wanted to say that I have had literally /no time/ to do art of any sort in...awhile now. I haven't forgotten about donation sketches or anything like that (or commissions for that matter, and of course most importantly) but I'm in Florida right now visiting my dad and pursuing an incredible job opportunity so I have to focus on that because..well, money keeps me fed and internet doesn't. For the record I'm not /staying/ in Florida, I'm only here temporarily and it's a working vacation so apologies to those who are Floridians who feel slighted by me visiting and not calling (please don't feel bad, I wanna hang out too but I just...can't right now. I'll let you know if something clears up but I'm in JAX and most of you are south, so...keep in touch).

So, that said, I'm dreadfully sorry for my constant tripping up of self imposed deadlines, I don't want to seem like a person to shrug off my obligations, but with commissions with no predetermined deadlines and sketches done as thank you's while having actual real life work and real life priorities bringing in the dough and things to keep me happy and healthy, I'm sure you can understand my need to prioritize.

Thank you for your patience :)
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