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Gradient Question - Adobe Creative Suite

I am having a helluva time with gradients.

I'm working in Illustrator and InDesign CS3 and I'm trying to do a stable gradient of Pantone/PMS 485 C (Red) and Black, but in Illustrator and InDesign this gradient looks like it goes from black, to gray, to red. Not black to red...but there's a /distinct/ gray in there, like the black craps out and the red's like "hi guys sorry I'm late to the party, I brought chips though"

I checked in Photoshop if a gradient between these colors is possible, and from what I saw it is, but for some reason the gradient between the same colors in the same mode in Photoshop is WAY different than Illustrator and InDesign.

I printed all three versions out (PS, AI, and ID) and they are all wildly different.

Does anyone else have experience with printing PMS colors out of Illustrator and InDesign that can offer some insight on how to print a STABLE gradient between TWO colors without that weird in between color messing it up? I don't want to take this thing to the printer and have it look like gray's trying to be the meat in my 2 color sandwich.

This is so annoying when programs made by the same manufacturer don't play nice in the sandbox >:C
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