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Dog help!

Okay this is really strange, my dog is acting really weird and I don't know what to do. The vet's closed, I put a call into the on call vet but he has yet to call me back.

My dog is a 13 year old Bichon/Cocker mix. She's been totally fine since I got back from Florida, unfortunately due to the horrible HORRIBLE care by her caretakers while I was gone she was really skinny and depressed for the first couple of days (no one bothered to tell me she wasn't eating). She got back to normal and even looked a little pudgier than normal, but was eating healthy.

She'd start doing that bile vomit thing in the morning though, once she did it 4 times in one setting. But usually its twice. She's bile-vomited about....7 times since I've been back home (approx 2 weeks), but didn't seem lethargic or anything, she'd just barf, look at me and wag her tail and walk off. She does this every so often but I was unsure why it was so frequent, just thought maybe she was eating too fast from being so hungry for so long.

This evening I'm sitting on the computer and I notice my dog try to get up and then she falls back down like "well that didn't work..what now?". I go over to her and she tries to get up and then completely tilts over, like falls over and just..lies there. Collapsed o_O

I stand her up and she stands okay but she's hanging her head low just standing there. she was able to walk to her water dish, her back leg looking really weak, and just staring at the wall over her food dish. Then she started doing this weird "straining to poop/fart" thing while standing up.

Earlier today she got into the bag of Mazeca (corn tortilla mix), I wonder if that has anything to do with it? Like maybe her belly hurts because of it? I tried to take her out but she got to the front door and didn't want to go down the step, she even went "rrgh..." and winced when she tried, like it was painful. Then she walked back in the house and slumped on the tile.

Right now she's lying down and lurching like she's either going to poop or throw up while lying down. Earlier she did this weird squint/wink thing with one eye like a wince or a stroke face, it was so weird.

Any idea what it could be? She's literally suddenly lethargic. She was fine this morning! :(

I'm really worried.

*edit* going to the vet now. Jesse just hurled herself off of a concrete wall she was convulsing so bad.
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