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when fondue sets attack

okay today was pretty eventful. mom had wanted me to use that fondue set i bought for her birthday so i asked tiffany if she wanted to come with me to get the stuff. so we go to the mall, get the fuel for the burner and she does some holiday shopping. we go to the store and get the mounds of cheese and assorted dipping items we needed. we also got some chocolate for chocolate fondue.
mom has 2 fondue sets. the one i got for her, and the one that she borrowed from her office, so we thought wed use both, one for chocolate, one for cheese. we started out using the one that i bought her for the cheese. mom bought this icky looking beer...with a really morbid name and a cool looking bottle . we got it for the fondue, she bought it for me cuz she knew id like to keep the bottle..but she dumped the rest of it out shes like paranoid im gonna drink it. *right*. we also had some brandy to put in the chocolate fondue.
so we slice the bread, make some smoked sausages, get the veggies and are all sitting down at the dinner table eating fondue when suddenly we hear this "CRASH". then all this porcelain goes flying at my face and i didnt realize what had happened until i look at the fondue pot and the cheese was seeping out through the middle catching fire on the flame beneath. our fondue pot had literally exploded 0_o
i start panicking cuz i dont know how flammable it all is and were trying to put out the fire and clean up the cheese. mom puts the cheese into another dish and we put the pot back in the box it came in. were lucky the porcelain didnt cut someone. moms husband mike later almost ate a piece. =P
im taking it back to target and saying that their fondue gift set almost wiped out an entire family. we left the dripping cheese on it for drama.
as we were eating the salvaged cheese i realized.." did this cheese mix with the lighter fluid from the fondue set? that stuff causes you to go blind."
needless to say we were done eating the cheese at that point =P
tiff and i then started making the chocolate fondue. 3 tablespoons of kirsch...(cherry flavored brandy) doesnt seem like much but when youre measuring it youd be like..damn. thats too much for chocolate. but it was good. mom said it was too much and we could get drunk off of it. yeah right. =P i ate too much though.

man...that was good stuff. blindingly good =D

poor tavis also caught his finger in a mouse trap =(
not a good day for Nicole Dornsife and sir.

Target better take that fondue set back. either that or im gonna sue. with what lawyer and what money? i dont know =P
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