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Joshua Tree - Pt 3

Sunset over the Coachella Valley

We all went up to Keys View, a place where you can see the San Andreas Fault, the lowest point in SoCal next to Death Valley, the Salton Sea, at 230 feet below sea level, the highest peak in SoCal, San Gorgonio at 11,499 feet above sea level, the San Jacinto mountains (the mountains skorzy and I hiked through in our trip to Palm Springs) to watch the sun set.

You can see the Salton Sea on the upper left of this first pic, its that flat white area.

A couple of people commented about this, even though we were in the desert, yes, it was THAT cold. Don't let the fact that it's a desert fool you, the desert can be a very cold place. Dipping into the 30's at night (which considering its been a steady 98 at my school the week prior, took some getting used to), mid to low 60's during the day but with a serious wind chill, especially at Keys View, hence the heavier clothing compared to the rest of my pics. I believe in just my tent we had 2-3 layers of clothing a piece, with 4 blankets each, roughly. Elevation wise, we were only slightly lower than the elevation of where I live up in the San Bernardino mountains where winter weather is starting to take effect. High deserts are cold, and they do get snow.

That thin little bulge-strip in the middle of the picture is the San Andreas Fault...again...for the millionth time. Actually in my area its kind of hard to get away from it I've realized. Hell, my school is built practically /on/ it. :P


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