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Goodburger - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
Liz and i are watching Goodburger. god i forgot how stupid this movie was, lol! Ah well, at least i have some company =)
On a side note, Liz and i had made up a huskey character for her while watching Balto last time and tonight i drew her =)
Her name is Jule and she sorta has border collie markings *dude, whats with the border collies?* shes dark dark grey and white. Shes really cute and im happy with the pic i drew of her. I gave the pic to Liz but shes going to scan it when she gets home and send it to me so i can put it on VCL and my LJ for all to see! =)

Oh yeah, and Heather gave me back my jacket, and she also gave me another jacket free! lol! its soft and grey and fuzzy..i wanna put wolf ears on the hood, but that might be weird ;)

LOL! now liz is playing with the pic i made of Jule. shes going
"shake girl! goooood girl"

weeeeeird ;)

Current Mood: silly silly

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