An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans


My neighbor's cat is an odd creature. I remember the first time I met him a year he was trying to break into my house. All I saw was a black and white paw reaching in trying to unhinge the door. An interesting welcome to the neighborhood I must say.

He disappears for days but reappears at opportune moments, sometimes under strange circumstances, but often times waiting for me at the top of my stairs when I come home from school, as if he knows my schedule, expecting to come inside for cuddles before he has to go home for the night. Its always the same routine. He comes inside, does a lap around the house meowing, then follows me to the couch, kneads, and falls asleep near my feet.

I am not a cat person by any means, I'm even a self declared cat hater. But I have to admit this little fella is growing on me, and is unlike most other aloof cats who'd just as soon scratch you than be affectionate. It's probably better this way, as I can't have another pet right now and I don't know if I would ever consider having a cat of my own.

I find myself leaving the door open for him when I'm home, and he comes in as I'm playing the piano and rests on my shoulders as I play, occasionally adding his own notes here and there.

He acts as if he's my cat for as long as he's here, and then he goes as he pleases when he's had his fill of my company.

I wonder if there's other people in my small town he visits like this. I wonder how many couches he naps on throughout the day, how many surrogate owners he has, this little cat-whore.

Still, he has impecable timing. There have been a number of times where I'm crying my eyes out, feeling utterly alone, and Sparks comes inside for a cuddle, a lick, a nudge, a little reassurance, and then he disappears leaving me with a better outlook, a warm feeling and a little cat spit on my hand.

Due to the timing of his appearances, I've come to associate Sparks with happiness, and a reminder that "hey, you're not alone, and all you need is a hug".

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